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Good isolation damping capacityAir shock isolator can provide any other shock isolator can't compare with the best level of isolation damping effect.By providing external gas storage device can provide a lower natural frequency.High control precisionAir spring is through the internal pressure to adjust the operating level.Air spring is not static friction with other components.In the bearing capacity under the condition of change, can automatically adjust the system pressure to ensure the stable operation level..Isolation efficiency, stable and independent bearing damping characteristicsAir vibration isolator is unique, the system natural frequency will have the too big change with the size of the load.So you can in a device with non-uniform load each installation point using the same air shock isolator.Effective to prevent resonanceAir spring suspension system can be designed into two kinds of natural frequency, so can prevent resonance by switching frequencies.Good level of stabilityAir spring has a good level of stability.Effective noise reductionAir shock isolator can reduce transmission noise structure, because it has no common screw spring of spring vibration, therefore itself does not produce noise.

Taken the tripRange is the biggest security elongation the difference between the high income minus the lowest height of compression.The whole trip or of any other paragraph can be used.If you need to use the internal rubber bumper, please indicate the minimum height of the added value, adding buffer can lead to the total schedule.

Taken the forceHere refers to the force is to support you in the application or to push force.Note in general, force decreases with increasing height.Take the case of 300180 - j - 2:1, set the height of the bearing capacity under inflation pressure, such as when the gas pressure P = 5 kg/cm2, highly H = 115 mm, the bearing capacity of the air spring by figure out C = 2600 kg, such as (1) the points on the points corresponding to the vertical.2, A pneumatic pressure set highly effective area (115 mm) : A = C/P = 2600 present 5 = 520 cm23, inflation pressure P = 7 kg/cm2, height 115 mm when the content of the product: in the attached figure 1 page (11) found 5.61 dm3, such as (2) the points on the axis points corresponding to the volume.Here especially pointed out that: the content of the air spring product change with inflation pressure increase or decrease, so give only a 0.7 MPa pressure volume/schedule curve, other volume value can be found to approximate the curve under pressure.Taken the air inlet size selectionThe size of the air inlet and air spring in the process of using response sensitivity has a direct relationship, usually air inlet, the greater the sensitive reaction.Taken the upper and lower limit deviceThe compression directionOn the compression direction, limit switch should be a little higher than the minimum height of the air spring regulations, if the air spring is compressed to a fracture or "pressure", under the condition of (the bearing force in the absence of any support falls directly on the air spring) so will damage the air spring, therefore, need to use a set of the block is to protect it.Such as j - 150086 type 1 case, the block is at least 55 mm high, if without the use of external block, you can also use the internal rubber buffer to complete.Elongation direction

On the extending direction, on the need to use a stop to protect the security of the air spring not beyond elongation height into the shadows in the static parameters figure area.Reason has two aspects:

A) lead to shorten the life of air spring.

B) edge plates will be open, so that the air spring edge emerge from the edge of metal plate.Height limit can be achieved through a variety of ways, includingThe chain,Control cable,Metal block, etc

★ return forceAir travel regulator is single-acting device, in order to make the air spring return to minimum height (in preparation for another cycle or stroke), you must use the return force.In gravity load, so the requirement if the gravity is not enough to make the air spring to return to a minimum height, then can be in reverse with another set of air spring, or add metal spring to complete the return action.
 Air travel regulator direction depends on external guide to decide.Air spring is very soft, easy to offset), as a result, most of the air travel regulator in use process need to be guide.
★ Bending capacity

 Air travel regulator can be done through radian (no need to hook), can be tilted upward move 30 degrees, when using a fitted with two fixed plate with a certain Angle to install air travel regulator, please pay attention to the following.

A. at the height between the two plate center (H3) the size of the measuring force.

B. on the side of elongation measuring maximum height (H1).

C. in the compression side of the minimum height measurement (H2).

★ Horizontal displacement
  The center line of the fluctuate of the side plate (or under the condition of the flange plate fixed axis), slightly offset will not harm to the air spring.In our experience, capsule shape trip air conditioner every song capsule is allowed 10 mm deviation, so the center line of the air spring two single bursa can offset 10 mm, hyperbolic capsule can have 20 mm deviation, three capsule air spring may have 30 mm deviation.

★ Automatic safety device
  On some relating to the safety equipment requires the use of automatic safety device (such as scissors lift on the mechanical lock) to avoid air device failure damage or damage at the time of the accident.
★ vacuum
  Air travel regulator parts can not damage the bellows, under a small amount of vacuum.Subjected to the greatest amount of vacuum, according to the size of the air spring, use level, and it is two layers or four cord skeleton layer of air spring to decide.Four layers of high-strength air travel regulator of the outer wall is better than two layers of solid, therefore, is not too easy to crinkle or deformation.In general, it is best to use single air spring under vacuum.
★ The superposition

Can be increased by the superposition of two air travel regulator, but the connection of two or more than two air travel regulator must have a guide.It is important to note here by superposition of air spring to increase stroke in the process of its bearing capacity does not stack.Here is only thatOriented method:


Air spring is mainly used as air travel regulator in the industry, it has the following advantages:The original height to the compactAir travel regulator compared with ordinary cylinder device, its appearance is short, the smallest air travel regulator can be compressed to a height of 45 mm, and the largest of the three form stroke regulator can be compressed air to the height is 122 mm only.Bending Angle of 30 °Air travel regulator has the unique ability to bend, it can be through a curve to keep trip without having to fork type connector.Bending capacity can reach 30 degrees.No need for maintenance and lubrication, without internal joystick or pistonAir travel regulator is not like ordinary cylinder internal control rod, piston or sliding seal.So there is no ordinary cylinder type suspension dust seal is easy to damage.Easy to installAir travel regulator can easily be installed in the narrow space.This saves time and cost of installation.Have the characteristics of flexible air travel regulator can also be compensation caused by in the process of construction foundation highly irregular.Over a long service lifeDue to air travel regulator no sliding sealing device, so not as easy as ordinary cylinder friction damage.And air spring suspension in trucks and buses on the further application of this kind of adverse environmental conditions, it can still insist on hundreds of thousands of kilometers, its durability and service life are trustworthy.Allow the highest pressure of 0.8 MpaAir travel regulator contains 2 layer or 4 layer fabric layer, so that it has a bear the internal pressure of 0.8 Mpa, thus greatly enhance the bearing capacity.Low costIn general, under the condition of the same function, the initial cost of air travel regulator is half the cost of traditional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders or lower.The initial cost advantage particularly in big norms product.